Bill Wolf Will Be Speaking at the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Forensic Conference on March 1

Bill Wolf will be an invited speaker at the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan March Conference devoted to Expert Witnesses and Daubert. The full three day conference will take place at the Auburn Hills Marriott at Centerpoint Parkway in Pontiac, MI from February 28 to March 2, 2019.

Bill will be talking about an issue that is close to his heart, preparation methods at the drawing board in your office for your cross-examination of the prosecution’s expert witness.

Bill will be joining a number of prominent criminal defense lawyers from all over the nation to speak to interested criminal defense lawyers about subjects ranging from litigating Daubert issues in court to cell phone evidence and forensic issues to the business of criminal defense.

More information can be found by contacting the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan organization. A link can be found here:

Bill Wolf is a leading criminal defense lawyer when it comes to the interplay between forensic science, the law, and the courtroom. If you or a loved one need a criminal defense attorney that has that skill set, contact The Law Office of William Wolf, LLC at (312) 728-8186 or email the Office at

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