The need for the criminal defense lawyer to understand “the internet of things” is highlighted by the New York Times.

This New York Times article needs to be read by every criminal defense lawyer and investigator in the nation. Drop what you’re doing, and read it now.

Then imagine a homicide crime scene where the victim is found dead in his/her home. Imagine all of the technology all around from the car in the garage to the refrigerator in the kitchen to the sex toy in the bedroom that could reveal clues as to what was happening.

Did the victim own an Alexa Echo? Does Amazon have in its possession evidence that could make or break your client?

This what we need to know.

Now imagine Carpenter’s applications to devices when the police pull data from any of these devices through a search of your client’s home. Imagine the applications to a search of your client’s home. What did the police say in the home when they were searching? Alexa may know.

This future is scary, but may be filled with opportunities for us.

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