Arizona Is Using Faulty Forensics to Try to Execute a Man That They Have No Business Keeping In Custody, Much Less Killing.

Murder cases are complex. They fundamentally require a deep understanding and evaluation of the investigative techniques law enforcement used as well as the evidence they unearth.

The Intercept just published a piece revealing vast failures by law enforcement in an Arizona case, as well as the failures of the defendant’s trial counsel in pursuing his defense.

Arizona is fighting any attempt to undo his conviction and death sentence despite the fact that one can have absolutely no confidence in this verdict. It is sometimes stated that defendants who are acquitted “got off on a technicality.” The irony of that position is that prosecutors often use technicalities to uphold wrongful convictions.

In this child death investigation, the Medical Examiner has, as more information has come forward making his original findings highly questionable, “inexplicably shifted from his pretrial interviews to his testimony to the hearing decades later” his estimates regarding the timing of the child’s fatal injuries. After many, many years, a federal judge concluded that, “had Jones’s defense attorneys done their job properly……….’the jury would likely have found Dr. Howard’s testimony not credible or persuasive.’”

Here is a link to the Intercept piece. It is well worth a read.

The Law Office of William Wolf, LLC has a vast amount of experience handling complicated homicide cases. And experience matters. If you or a loved one has a case, it could be simple. It could be complicated. 

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