What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Job at a Sentencing Hearing?

The answer “to keep the defendant out of jail” is too simplistic. The United States locks more people up than any other nation in the world, including much more populous countries like China. A generation of “tough on crime” politics has led to having a justice system where often judges are given no choice but to sentence a defendant to prison upon a finding of guilty. In addition to the stain of a conviction on the client’s life, jail or prison could be on the table depending on the case, not to mention fines, other court fees, restitution, or other financial penalties.

The job of the defense lawyer as we see it at the Law Office of William Wolf, LLC is to humanize the individual client to show the sentencing judge why this client is worthy of being spared from a harsh sentence. William Wolf has previously represented countless people in sentencing hearings to advocate to the judge that his client has redeeming value to the community.and should be given the lowest sentence that the law will permit.

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